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Why Is Giftoin a Better Gift than a Digital Gift Card?

Many will agree that physical gifts are becoming less popular as time goes on. Digital gift cards are regarded as a preferred gift for retailers, purchasers and recipients.

Let’s look at some interesting statistics regarding digital gift cards: 47% of consumers between ages 18 and 23 prefer receiving gift cards, and 50% of consumers up to age 37 are interested in buying digital gift cards.

Why do retailers love digital gift cards?

The numbers above indicate that gift cards present a great opportunity for online retailers. Shoppers obviously love them. From the point of view of additional benefits for the retailer, 33% of people will spend more on a gift card than an actual gift, and the average consumer subsequently spends $59 more than the value of the gift card.
Gift cards also encourage recipients to access more products and services. They serve as an excellent tool for brands to convert customers, attract new target audiences and boost shopping trends during high seasons.

Why do gifters love to bestow digital gift cards?

Shoppers about to bestow presents prefer digital gift cards for several reasons, including:

  • The offer of a large assortment of products from a certain brand for the recipient to choose from.

  • A gift card may include special experiences like spa days, concert tickets, a romantic dinner for two, etc. This makes the buyer’s offering thoughtful, unique and unforgettable.

  • Appropriate digital gift cards can be chosen for virtually any holiday or special occasion.

  • The purchasing process is seamless and easy.

  • Recipients can choose and redeem their gifts at their own convenience.

What makes Giftoin the best virtual gift around?

Undoubtedly, digital gift cards offer many advantages for all parties involved, from the retailer to the purchaser to the recipient. However, a new form of gifting – known as virtual gifting – is currently evolving, which includes all the advantages of digital gifting but provides even more exciting aspects.
Giftoins are virtual gifts which may take the form of crypto coins, digital artwork or music, virtual game or fashion accessories, and more. After choosing a particular Giftoin, the purchaser virtually wraps and sends it to the gift recipient. Upon receiving the virtual gift, the recipient may keep it in their digital wallet, redeem, or sell it.

Saved on the blockchain system, Giftoins last forever and have the potential to appreciate in value. What can be more exhilarating and memorable than monitoring the value of a unique virtual gift over time?

Bringing gifting to new heights

If you want to bestow something really outstanding to a family member, friend, teenager or parent, a Giftoin is the obvious choice. It’s different, it’s new, it’s got growth potential, and it’s timeless. In short, it’s perfect.

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