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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some frequently asked questions that may help you out.

General Information

What is virtual gifting?
Virtual gifts are non-physical items such as crypto coins, digital art, music, sports collectibles and other goods which can be bestowed online.
What is a Giftoin?
A Giftoin is a virtual gift transmitted through the unique Giftoin.org platform Our ecosystem handles the entire virtual gifting process from wrapping and payments to final delivery.
Which crypto chains does the Giftoin platform work on?
Each Giftoin is processed and saved either on the Ethereum or Polygon crypto chains. Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that establishes a peer-to-peer network which securely executes and verifies application code, known as smart contracts. Polygon is a “layer two” or “sidechain” scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain.
Will you support additional chains in the future?
We plan to support Solana soon.
How can I be sure no one will replicate my Giftoin?
The purchase of your Giftoin is authenticated by blockchain technology. Each Giftoin is appointed a unique ID number to which only the purchaser has the key.
Where is the Giftoin stored?
The Giftoin is stored on Giftoin.org protocol, ensuring a trusted and transparent environment. Using their private keys, the purchaser and the recipient can monitor the status of their own Giftoins at any time.
How is the Giftoin delivered?
When filling out the recipient’s details, you will be asked to provide a relevant email address, cell phone number or WhatsApp. Once you’ve completed the purchase and wrapping, press Send and the Giftoin will be delivered in under 90 seconds!


Do I need crypto coins to pay for a Giftoin?
No, you do not need crypto coins to purchase a Giftoin. You can use any one of several payment options provided on our website.
Do I need a special wallet to receive a Giftoin?
No, you don’t need a special wallet to receive a Giftoin. The Giftoin system automatically creates a crypto gift wallet for you. When you receive the email notifying you about your new Giftoin, you can easily move it to your wallet.
How do I know the Giftoin payment process is secure?
The Giftoin.org platform is compliant with all international payment regulations. Your payment details are securely encrypted.

Making a purchase

How can I purchase a Giftoin?
Choose a Giftoin, make your payment, and provide the recipient’s email address, telephone number or WhatsApp. Your gift will arrive within 90 seconds!
How can I keep track of the Giftoins I’ve purchased?
The Giftoin.org platform stores records of your Giftoin purchases and enables you to monitor their status at all times.
How can the recipient monitor his Giftoin’s status?
The recipient can monitor the Giftoin’s status by entering its ID number into our system. All the relevant details regarding the gift will pop up.
Can the Giftoin recipient sell it?
The wallet offers the recipient several options regarding use of the Giftoin. One of the options is to sell it.


I don’t understand how to make a purchase. Can you help me?
We’d love to help you. Choose the most convenient way to contact us:
Watch our short tutorial (link)
Email us (link)
Call us (telephone number)
WhatsApp us (link)
My payment isn’t going through. What is wrong?
You can either try again or choose a different payment option, If you are still experiencing problems, contact us (link)
Why didn’t my gift recipient receive notice about my Giftoin gift?
Check to see if you entered the right email or telephone number. You can also take a look at the status of your Giftoin in our system. If you’re still having problems, contact us (link)
How can I cancel a Giftoin purchase?
Go into the Customer Service menu and press Cancellation. Enter your order number and cancel the transaction. You will get your money back. Cancellations must be made within 30 days of the initial order.
Can the recipient of my gift return it and receive a refund?
Yes. However, cash refunds are not provided. The recipient can use the refund to purchase other items on our website.

Product value

Does the price of the Giftoin change on the website?
The price of the Giftoin may change once daily according to the item’s inherent value.
Does the value of the Giftoin fluctuate?
The value of the Giftoin, like other virtual assets, is set according to the decentralized blockchain markets. Thus, the value of the asset may fluctuate accordingly.
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