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It’s giveaway time for employees and you’re stumped yet again?

We’re offering an forgettable gift, guaranteed to wow everyone

After all, how many custom pens, little robots and gift cards can you hand out? It’s the virtual giveaway that keeps on giving

Now, a special end of the year discount – 20% off!

Offer your employees, clients, conference attendees and event guests, or any other recipients, a virtual giftaway they’ll never forget. Giftoin giftaways are sets of Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto coins that, once presented, will be registered in the recipient’s name forever.

Choose from our wide variety of unique Giftoins and cryptocoin sets – or create your own – and present the perfect giveaways to your audience
at affordable prices.

*After receiving your order, our representatives will review it
and contact you for final confirmation and payment.

Receive 5,000 Store Tokens (GOBT) for any order above 100€. Valid until Midnight

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